Timing pulleys


Maxbelt Company offers a wide range of pulleys for standard timing belts. We also make special pulleys according to an individual customer order.
We provide complex solutions that may improve capacity and reliability of your machines and devices.

The most often produced pitches of pulleys include:
-Inch: MXL, XL, H, XH
- HTD: 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M
- RPP: RPP3, RPP5, RPP8, RPP14
- Poly Chain: P.C.8M; P.C.14M
-Metric: T2,5; T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20
-Low-backlash metric: T5-0; T10-0; AT5-0, AT10-0.

We have a full range of standard metric and inch timing pulleys on stock. As far as the remaining pulleys are concerned, we provide short terms of executing the orders.
Apart from the standard offer we manufacture pulleys on special order. Such pulleys have holes for Taper bushes, special grindings, unloading holes, stepped outer diameters, etc. On the customer request we can produce pulleys of materials such as cast iron, steel, plastic, stainless steel or acid resistant steel.

Along with the constantly expanding machine centre we offer customers new product solutions:

- special timing pulleys up to 450 mm diameter,
- V-pulleys for V-belts,
- PV- pulleys,
- pulleys with holes for Taper Bush,
- pulleys for flat belts,
- special folding pulleys
- special timing bars,
- special timing pulleys with grooves for profile, e.g. T10K13,
- pulleys with displaced pitch e.g. SFAT10.